Read 180

READ 180 Next Generation is an innovative reading intervention program. This research-based program offers struggling readers the opportunity to receive individualized language arts instruction in a small group environment.

Each READ 180 class begins and ends with whole group instruction. In between whole group meetings, students break into three small groups that rotate among computers, small group instruction with the teacher, and independent reading. The instructional software provides students with adaptive instruction, targeted practice, and quick feedback. It also allows students to track their own reading progress. In small group instruction, students will learn and practice reading, writing, and speaking strategies using a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction texts. The independent reading rotation supports students by giving them the daily practice time they need to improve and grow as readers. By using this instructional model, students will be able to maximize their reading growth.

READ 180 uses cutting-edge technology to deliver individualized reading instruction, provides valuable skills practice, and motivates students to become confident readers. This program will help ensure college and career readiness to all of our students.


Jennifer Lawson
Read 180 Specialist - Elementary
816-640-2292 x2122
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