Accelerated Learning Program Services (ALPS)

In line with the State of Missouri, Accelerated Learning Program Services (ALPS) is based on general academic areas. ALPS is voluntary and serves students in grades K-6 in the West Platte School District. Students are identified, screened and tested for eligibility to participate in the program through an Achievement and Aptitude battery to determine eligibility Parents are notified of testing outcomes and if the student qualified on both tests, he/she is eligible to participate in the program with parental/guardian consent. If a student does not qualify for the program, according to district policy, he/she may retake tests every two years, if desired.

Program Outcomes:  

  • provides a comprehensive learning environment for students who need challenge beyond the regular classroom to meet their individual academic abilities and interests.
  • encourages each child to develop research and inquiry skills that will prepare them for college/career and beyond. provides a learning environment that fosters higher order thinking, reasoning, problem- solving, creativity and logic skills.
    provides an avenue for students to interact with their intellectual peers and develop the student’s ability to interact personally and socially in an appropriate way.
  • develops the student’s ability to become an independent and self-directed learner and in turn, a leader,

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