Title I

What is Title I?

Title I, Part A (Title I) of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA) supports reforms and innovations to improve educational opportunities for low achieving students. Title I is designed to provide all children significant opportunity to receive a fair, equitable, and high-quality education, and to close educational achievement gaps. (ESEA section 1001). 

To be selected to participate in Title I, a school must meet criteria based on the number of families within its boundaries who are eligible for free or reduced-price lunch. Students who are non-public living within a Title 1 school's boundaries are also eligible for services. Students are chosen to participate based on educational needs.

At West Platte, parents are encouraged to be involved with their child's education. Parent involvement is essential to the success of the Title I program. Having parents involved in the education of their children is part of the expectation as schools are chosen to participate in Title I. Schools take the initiative in creating and working with parents to develop specific programs for each parent's needs. Anytime you have parent involvement programs, they are aimed to help parents support the education of their children.

West Platte is committed to giving each student an outstanding education to help them prepare for college, a career and life. To make this program successful, staff members meet on a regular basis to review student work and chart the progress students are making. By meeting regularly, staff are able to see areas where students may need help with and address them now instead of later. Our staff continually learns new ways to develop and increase their knowledge to help each student become the best they can be and prepare them for success. West Platte is excited to see student achievement increase over time.

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