Destination Imagination Competes at Regionals!

Destination Imagination Competes at Regionals!
Posted on 03/06/2020
What's Happening? West Platte Destination Imagination competed at the regional tournament in Carl Junction, Missouri, on Saturday, February 29. West Platte again fielded eight teams (47 students) at competition, and all performed very well!  Two West Platte teams are Rising Stars teams, and only participate at the regional tournament; the other six teams will be advancing to State competition in Joplin, Missouri, on Saturday, March 21.
Congratulations West Platte creative problem solvers!
Baby Blues – Blast Off! /Rising Stars – Special Spirit of DI Award: “This team’s enthusiasm was out of this world.  Their teamwork, dance parties, and facts about space took us along on their flight.  The appraisers were just as pumped to try out the ‘jump thing’ as the team was to share it.”  Madeline Hoffman, Leah Hansen, Piper Davis, Merin Humes, Penelope Davenport, Adara Throckmorton, Lucy Petschauer 

Super 4 Maniacs – Blast Off! /Rising Stars - Special Spirit of DI Award: “From the second this team showed up, we were sucked into their black hole of enthusiasm.  Their ninja moves were so hot they toasted the appraisers.  The way they worked together was sweeter than Apple Jacks, but we are glad they saved some for Bob.  We went ham on this because their rockets took us to a place where pigs can fly.”  Meyer Hoffman, Olivia Hansen, Amelia Morton, Jeremiah Horvath 

Sonic Vipers – To The Rescue/Elementary Level: 3rd Place - Brady McMillan, Ryan Frost, Finley Wallingford, Posy Hoffman, Lochlan Bailey, Kyle Frost, Ella Petschauer 

Stranger Septuplets – To The Rescue/Elementary Level: 2nd Place/1st Place Instant Challenge - Lilian Bogart, Carter Conrad, Henry Bargmann, Collin Jones, Grant Phillips, Ella Davis, Laynee Kruse 

Shirley’s Servants – To The Rescue/Middle Level: 2nd Place - Alexander Levingston, Ryan Lock, Jacob Elmore, Nathan Brushwood, Kamron Nikjeh 

7 Krafty Kids – The Big Fix/Middle Level: 1st Place - Siena Allison, Jaxon Davis, Noah Rees, Marshall Winker, Evan Sanchez, Joseph Sanchez, Brodie Edmonds 

Fre Sha Vac Odo – First Encounter/Middle Level:  2nd Place - Sophie Grier, Molly Cline, Morgan VanNatta, Ivy Lewis, Aiden Hamilton, Addison Bailey, Charly O'Neal 

ra ta ta ta – Picture This/Senior Level:  1st Place/1st Place Instant Challenge - Hannah Kleman, Libby Vandel, Emily VanNatta