Missouri Learning Standards

Educational standards provide clear goals for student learning. It is important that families know exactly what their children should learn by each grade level - no matter what school their children attend. Missouri has a long history of educational standards that establish consistent goals for all students.

At West Platte, our approach uses educational standards as the ground floor - not a ceiling. Our foundation of educational leadership is built upon a solid continuum of learning activities that include the requirements of state standards. This approach prepares our students for a competitive global society where their success is dependent upon meeting and exceeding standards of excellence.

The Missouri Learning Standards define the knowledge and skills students need in each grade level and course for success in college, other post-secondary training and careers. These grade-level and course-level expectations are aligned to the Show-Me Standards.

The Missouri Learning Standards include grade-level and course-level expectations for the following subjects:

In January 1996, Missouri adopted the Show-Me Standards, a demanding set of content and process standards that have proved to be an excellent frame of reference for student performance in Missouri. Grade-level expectations (GLEs) were then developed to provide grade by grade targets for instruction for teachers. Those expectations have been revised regularly based on teacher feedback and new research. Missouri’s expectations have been ranked among the top three states in the country. As End-of-Course (EOC) assessments were developed at the high school level, Course-level expectations (CLEs) were created to provide teachers with course-specific objectives.

The Missouri Learning Standards give school administrators, teachers, parents and students a roadmap for learning expectations in each grade and course. They are key to Missouri becoming one of the top 10 states for education by 2020.