Development and Maintenance of Curriculum


Curriculum development and maintenance is 100% local. Teachers, administrators, parents, and in some cases students provide input into the curriculum development process. Approval of curriculum occurs through a formal vote of the West Platte Board of Education.

Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum

A guaranteed and viable curriculum is one that guarantees equal opportunity for learning for all students. Similarly, it guarantees adequate resources for teachers to teach content and for students to learn it. A guaranteed and viable curriculum is one that guarantees that the curriculum being taught is the curriculum being assessed. It is viable when adequate resources are ensured to teach all determined essential content.

Essential content is the knowledge and skills that students need to know, understand, and be able to do in order to succeed. Essential content is determined by unpacking standards and creating measurable learning targets. This unpacked standard is explicit and measurable. With a guaranteed and viable curriculum, essential content must be identified for all students by grade level and/or course.

Review and Evaluation

Curriculum study and writing should be a continuous improvement process. Once established, each curriculum document will be reviewed on an annual basis and will be revised and updated via approval of the West Platte Board of Education.

The West Platte School District has the responsibility to ensure that students continue to strive for excellence in an increasingly competitive world. Effective schools/school districts frequently monitor progress on a continuous basis through both qualitative and quantitative sources of data.